My paintings and sculptures have a link, a parallel. I make bronze, Italian alabaster for now
The homage to the Armenian genocide "Arméniaaaa !!! "Could be a homage to all genocides when we look.

"I wanted to reproduce a cry heard in a night of fog, a night without end or all the calls reached me in an instant. I got up in tears and my hands melted into the flesh of the earth. He emerged this form crying out eternal. "
Anna-Rita Torelli

"Anna-Rita Torelli is a permanent sculptor at New World Gallery. The works on display are endowed with great sensitivity and remarkable work. "
Lina Poirier, Director-2000-2005.


	<em>LES VIEUX, argile</em></p>
	<em>ARMENIAAAA, Bronze sur marbre</em></p> <p>
	<em>SEULE, Bronze sur plexiglass</em></p> <p>
	<em>TROPHÉE REMAX, Bronze</em></p> <p>
	<em>TROPHÉE REMAX, Bronze</em></p> <p>
	<em>L'INNOCENT, argile</em></p> <p>
	<em></em></p> <p>
	<em>LE MONT SINAI, Albâtre italien stone</em></p> <p>
	<em>ARMENIAAAA, Bronze sur marbre</em></p> <p>
	<em>ABANDONNÉE, bronze sur plexiglass</em></p> <p>
	<em>La douleur</em></p> <p>
	<em>La douceur</em></p> <p>
	<em>Le secret</em></p> <p>
	<em>La sagesse</em></p> <p>
	<em>La jeunesse </em></p> <p>
	<em>La jeunesse et l'âge d'or</em></p> <p>
	<em>l'âge d'or</em></p>

SEULE, Bronze sur plexiglass

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