Before now and soon

I studied at the Conservatory in Dramatic Arts parallel to my studies in Plastic Arts and Literature in France.I passed my childhood between San Nicandro Carganico in the Puglia, south of Italy and Lorraine in France. My multidisciplinary training led me to a varied course. A lot of work as a realize through personal experiences that I live. During my travels, I explore the daily narrative of people from all cultures. Art in all forms is my daily bread, my inspiration is endless.


Anna-Rita Torelli multidisciplinary artist, actrice, singer, musician, poet. For available artworks, detailed cv or business inquiries please contact me directly.


Tenderness is a melodyBefore now and soon
Wrapping us up to infinity
For those who know
How to love freely
Without suspicion of deceit
Neither hypocrisy

Imagine a land without brutality
Respectful woman who puts
A new world in the world
Stepping away from the horror of humanity
Continuing the warmth of our hearts
The goodness of a single abode
Or everyone would be at peace
To our delight.

Cuba 20 December 2014
Anna-Rita Torelli