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Anna-Rita Torelli
Anna-Rita Torelli

I studied at the Conservatory in Dramatic Arts parallel to my studies in Plastic Arts and Literature in France. I passed my childhood between San Nicandro Carganico in the Puglia, south of Italy and Lorraine in France. My multidisciplinary training led me to a varied course. A lot of work as a realize through personal experiences that I live. During my travels, I explore the daily narrative of people from all cultures. Art in all forms is my daily bread, my inspiration is endless.

«  What makes the important thing of a work of art, be it a piece of music, a sculpture or a painting, is the universal; the fact that it touches all men, whatever their conditions, their era or their situations «  ART Montréal 2010

Anna-Rita Torelli multidisciplinary artist, actrice, singer, musician, poet. For available artworks, detailed cv or business inquiries please contact me directly.

« Anna-Rita goes on a humanitarian mission once or twice a year to help people with vision »


Tenderness is a melody
Wrapping us up to infinity
For those who know
How to love freely
Without suspicion of deceit
Neither hypocrisy

Imagine a land without brutality
Respectful woman who puts
A new world in the world
Stepping away from the horror of humanity
Continuing the warmth of our hearts
The goodness of a single abode
Or everyone would be at peace
To our delight.

Cuba 20 December 2014
Anna-Rita Torelli